About me

I am interested in Individual psychology because of its optimistic attitude towards a man. The important aspects are equivalence – the non-evaluation of another and yourself, the reasonable activity, the solution of everyday life problems.

Psychological counselling for me is a way of self-knowledge, a return to oneself, a focus on your own needs and feelings. A. Adler said that everything what a man does, chooses is useful for him at the moment.

How to know yourself? Who am I?

How do i feel?

How do I achieve my goals? Who/ what helps me and who/ what interferes?

What is important to me? What should I avoid?

How to trust yourself?

How to become tolerant of yourself?

How to create an equal partnership?

How to accept others?

How to solve communication problems?

How to maintain a harmonious interpersonal relationship?

How to talk to children?

N. B.! Counselling is based on a psychological Basis-a test for adults.