Basis-a test

Basis-a test is a methodology for assessing lifestyle dynamics. According to childhood memories, the person’s current psychological functioning is assessed. The purpose of the test is to help you understand how effective a person is today in social life, work, close relationships, what personal attributes  help, what hinder. The themes of life style that will be analyzed – social interest, tendency to adjust, lead, recognition and caution.

Test Validity:

The researches were performed with tests such as: MMPI, 16PF, Myers-Briggs, MCMI-II, SASSI-2, SCL-90-R, Bass Leadership Questionnaire, Dyadic Adjustment Scale, Beck Depression Inventory, Coping Resource Inventory for Stress (CRIS) etc.

BASIS-A test applies to:

Individual counselling (deepens self-knowledge, helps to better understand your personal life style);
Couples counselling (helps to develop collaborative relationships, learn the parenting style);
Career counselling (helps to provide problem solving strategies);
Organization counselling and training (helps to better understand your personal, communicative style, get to know leadership skills).